BCR Science, PLLC develops advanced technologies which serves military purposes and studies heat transfer and crystallography with solid state physics modeling and bonding in lattices and solids for very advanced materials development and sensing.

BCR Science, PLLC contracts out its not for public use (not for free) copyrighted, trademarked, patented works to US government agencies/firms through contracts/licensing and  provides advanced theoretical physics work using proprietary software, theoretical physics equations and codes using a number of software packages.


Recent US government works have included terahertz sensors for single pixel cameras and GPS sensors (in all phone, TV, electronics, computers, sensors that hear/see/detect everything and look through walls), metallophilic incipient wetted colloidal ceramics and carbon nano fluids for nuclear and fusion applications and also for use in hydraulic fracturing AKA peaceful nuclear explosions/detonations for oil exploration development, and mimosa for oncogenic mutagenic studies. These are current government patent applications or patents issued.


Other works include criminal forensics studies in finance, espionage, white collar crimes, and ozone water cavitation for supercavitating torpedoes.  Past works have included Ebola receptor studies and inhibitors.

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